About Me

Yes, Hello.

I'm Blake.

I'm a sweet, no bullshit kinda gal.

I choose to lead with that because I believe in putting people first.  

And I'm the kind of person: 

Who's first name is Catherine, but is much more of a Blake

because my mom wanted all her girls, there are 3 of us, to go by gender neutral names. Where I have landed with Blake, is someone between Stevie Nicks and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice.


Who will never be too busy for finding new music or new books to read

because you've got to listen to the experts. Whether that expertise is how to be a single mother in the early 90's , like Ariel Gore in We Were Witches, or in making new things feel nostalgic like Van Morrison. 


Who is a spare time florist

because I am drawn to finding and creating beauty in the world. I love the attention to detail flowers require and finding new ways to arrange them.  Flowers have also taught me the important lesson of never gilding a lily. 


Who prefers the fringes to the mainstream

because growing up I moved so many times that I was always the "other" girl.  On the outskirts, I learned to lean into, rather than be afraid of, the things I didn't know about.  So whether it's going to a hardcore show or learning how to play Magic The Gathering, I am always down for some cultural education.


Who got into strategy after meeting a drifter on the beach

because he showed me the power of stories and how in personal experiences you can find universal truth. It is still crazy to me how much you can learn by simply asking people questions and listening. 


Which secondly, makes me a strategist.