About Me

Yes, Hello.

I'm Blake.

First things first,

I'm a sweet, no bullshit kinda gal - or so they say.

Here’s my skit:


My first name is Catherine , but I am much more of a Blake .

My mom wanted all of her girls, there are 3 of us, to go by gender neutral names. Where I have landed with Blake, is someone between Stevie Nicks and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice.


I am the vocalist and hype woman of a local Americana band.

The band is called Mitchel Evan and The Saboteurs. We are an Americana-ish band and are working on releasing our latest album.

Give some of our tunes a listen: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2pqqIU2ulKHYOiNrxiG9pw 


I am a nerd in training.

Do I play D&D or Magic The Gathering? Why, yes.

What do I think about gaming? Don’t get me started on The Witcher, Dark Souls, HollowKnight, Celeste or Smash.

Is reddit my favorite form of social media ? Check my search history.

Have I read any interesting books lately? Oh yeah. If you are looking for a good head scratcher But What If We’re Wrong by Chuck Klosterman will do it for you.

A quick shout out to Stranger Things for sponsoring nerd culture and giving us some cultural credit.


Secondly, I am currently

a strategist at the Martin Agency.