Brand Positioning



Assignment : Help a challenger brand tackle the market leader

Challenger Brand : Gain

Market Leader : Tide


People buy Tide because it was what their mom's used.

Category Convention

Talk to moms. Show images of moms. Target moms. 

Market Opportunity

No one in the category is talking to single, young adults who are doing laundry not for their families, but for themselves.  For some of these people, this is the first time that they will ever buy their own laundry detergent. Let's make that detergent Gain. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 8.21.10 PM.png

The Solo Sudser 

Solo sudsers are 18-29 year olds who don't have kids and who live in urban areas or apartments.  They are only doing laundry for themselves so they don't need the family-grade power of Tide. They aren't cleaning for grass stains, they are cleaning for red wine stains.  Also when surveyed, the most important factor for these solo sudsers, when choosing a detergent, was scent which is what gain "owns" in the market. 

Solo sudsers and scent

Scent is a powerful sense for these solo sudsers. Looking at the perfume industry, the solo sudsers have distinctive fragrances that they consistently repurchase because they are known by their scent. 

HOWEVER, even though they like the scent of their clean clothes they STILL HATE DOING LAUNDRY.


Make Laudry less of a chore.


Products :

Turn the association of the smell of laundry away from "clean clothes"  and into a personal scent by taking a note from the fragrance industry.


Create a line of non-scented gain detergent that will come with its own scent kit made up of concerted fragrances.  These scent kits will allow people to mix and match scent to create their own personalized smell.  

Also within the aisle, display scent strips for people to smell the different gain detergents. These will mimic the fragrance tester strips that are traditionally displayed in perfume aisles.

Laundry Mode:  

Laundry doesn't feel much like a chore when it means we get to watch Netflix while we do it. Knowing this, Gain will create a "Laundry Mode"  for Netflix that will remind people after watching their show that it is time to do the next load of laundry or move their clothes from the washer to the dryer. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 7.34.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 7.35.28 PM.png

Laundry League:

Since these solo sudsers are living in urban areas, they don't all have their own washing machines. That means they have to go to laundromats. These solo sudsers might not like going out of their way to go to a laundromat, but they do like going to bars. That's why Gain will create the "Laundry League" or a series of Gain specific laundromats that also double as a bar.