Brand Mashup

Roli and urban Outfitters

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assignment: take a technology pigeon holed in one industry and create another use for it. 

Company: Roli

Industry : Music Production

Problem: Music is a language that everyone understands, but few people speak.

Roli's Solution: Make music production more accessible with a professional grade music synthesizer that empowers anyone to create music with their pre loaded sound grid.

Roli Tech


Roli NOISE App : On NOISE you choose from over 100 sounds to program on to the Lightpad Block. Each square represents a pre loaded sound. The sound library that powers the Lightpad block is housed digitally through this app so the interface of the app can also be used to create music similarly to the block. 

Roli Block :  The block is a modular , touch-sensitive playing surface that connects to the Roli Noise App. You compose melodies by striking, sliding, and pressing your fingers on the surface. 

******People have said that the blocks aren't quite their yet. The touch sensitivity isn't where it needs to be and people have suggested just using the app instead. 

Roli democratized the music industry. Now you don't have to know how to play an instrument to be a musician.

we thought," what other industries could be democratized?"

Answer: Fashion

Like music, fashion is a way we express ourselves, but it is also a complicated language to speak. What we wear says a lot about who we are, but not everyone has the confidence or fashion know how to communicate their individual personalities through their clothes.  We wanted to make it so you didn't have to be a stylist or fashion guru to be confident that your clothes are telling the right story, your story. 

Music and Fashion

Throughout the decades, Fashion and music have always informed each other.  Think Michael Jackson and the letterman jacket, Madonna's rubber bracelets and head bands, Kurt Cobain and 90's grunge.  The style of music people listen to reflects itself in the style of clothing they wear. The two have always influenced each other because they both work together to form the image we project to the world.

Strategy : Give outfits a sound

Brand Partner: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has always understood the cultural connection between music and fashion . That's why they sell not only the hippie inspired shag jacket, but the Fleetwood Mac vinyl as well. Through their unique clothing inventory and music selection, Urban Outfitters creates an environment where people can express themselves musically and stylistically.  

Currently, Urban Outfitter's online sales is the company's largest revenue stream.

So we thought, how can we take Roli's digital sound library and Urban Outfitter's strong online presence to fuse fashion and music ; creating a more personalized and unique online shopping experience ?


Creative Idea: Urbn Vibes

Using Roli's NOISE APP, and its digital sound library, we will pair sounds to clothing items . So that classic black dress would sound like a violin and that vegan leather jacket would sound like an electric guitar.  




The shopper will then be able to view all of the items they have selected in their shopping cart as well as hear them in their "Vibes".

This will let shoppers hear how the items they have selected sound together. So they can not only visualize how their outfits would look, but hear how they would sound.