Strategic Redesign

Lowe's home improvement

ASsignment: redesign lowe's lightbulb aisle to make it easier to shop


So much effort went into creating the light bulb, but now we hardly think about them. However, that hasn't stopped the light bulb from developing. The terminology around light bulbs has changed and more options are now available, but no one has bothered to keep up. This has made for very frustrated light bulb shoppers.


Make buying a light bulb effortless.

Pain Points

1. Buying a light bulb is confusing.

  • Over 2/3 of people were unfamiliar with light bulb terminology such as lumens, voltage, wattage, and type of light.

  • With new brands and models of light bulbs filling the shelves, people don't understand their light bulb options.

2. People are relying on outdated information when it comes to light bulbs. 

  • Prices have recently increased without the reasoning behind it being explained.

  • 3/4 of people aren’t aware of new light bulbs regulations.

  • People are not aware of how to dispose of their new light bulbs.

3. People just want to get in and out , but buying a light bulb is taking time.

  • Lowe's sales associates spend the majority of their time helping customers in the light bulb aisle.

  • The average time customers spend in the light bulb aisle is between 8 to 15 minutes.

Who we are helping

There are two types of light bulb shoppers. Those that see light bulbs as lighting and those who see light bulbs as just light.

The "light bulbs for light" group made up 88% of the people we surveyed. They are also the group that needs the most help, but is the least willing to seek it.  


Help these "for lighters" help themselves.

How will we help

Educate and Assist.

  • educate consumers about their light bulb options 
  • provide up-to-date answers to common questions
  • streamline the process so that customers can get in and out quickly

Solution: Light bulb Kiosk

This kiosk will:

  • scan users light bulbs that they brought from home
  • identify the light bulb as well as other comparable options
  • show price and functionality comparisons across models
  • direct the user to the light bulb they've selected by placing LED light strips along the aisles.  
  • **This kiosk will also serve as a recycling receptacle.

Click through the gallery to see the kiosk at work.